In Press Releases on November 18, 2011 at 12:58 pm

ROSEMONT, IL – November 8, 2011 – TransNational, a merchant processing company, announced today that it will now offer an easier way to handle signed documents.

EchoSign, recently acquired by Adobe, is a web-based provider of electronic signatures.  Using this system, TransNational will be able to send important documents via email to merchants, which the merchants can then electronically sign and return to TransNational.  EchoSign will then automatically store the copy and make it accessible to both parties.

“Having this technology available to our company will enable our sales force to spend less time obtaining and handling signatures, and more time focusing on customer service,” said Jae Haas, president of TransNational.  “EchoSign will help reduce the time and costs of having to use traditional methods, such as fax and mail, and can increase sales while managing documents in a secure forum online.”

EchoSign is fully compliant with the federal E-SIGN Act that ensures these electronic signatures are valid and legal, as well as confidential.  It has been designed with ASP security to ensure full protection of information.

As a secure and efficient outlet for transferring information, EchoSign will help TransNational provide better customer service through reduced processing time and lower costs of having a signed document.

Haas continued, “Having a merchant-centric focus, we jump at the opportunity to better our relationships with clients.  If this means making it easier to send and receive documents, then it is important that TransNational uses the most effective and efficient web-based application out there.  I could not have more confidence that EchoSign is that portal.”


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