TransNational Bankcard Merchants in the Clear After Global Payments Security Breach

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ROSEMONT, IL (3 April 2012) – Global Payments announced a security breach Friday that affected a portion of its North American processing system.  This breach does not include GPN’s sales partners, ISOs, bank referral partners, VARs, or other similar third party partners, such as TransNational Bankcard.

After self-identifying and self-reporting unauthorized access into part of this system, Global Payments (GPN) immediately notified appropriate law enforcement and IT forensics, as well as industry parties to allow them to minimize potential cardholder impact.

“We are making rapid progress toward bringing this issue to a close,” said Chairman and CEO of GPN, Paul R. Garcia.  “Our nearly 4,000 employees around the world are focused on providing exceptional service.”

According to a statement released by GPN on Monday, it believes the intrusion is contained.  It states: “As expected, VISA has removed us from its PCI compliant list after our announcement.  Other networks may do the same.”  Once GPN reestablishes PCI Compliance, it can then reapply to be placed back on VISA’s list of “compliant service providers.”  This process is expected to take a few weeks.

Meanwhile, TransNational, although a partner of GPN, maintains its place on VISA’s PCI Compliant list.  The breach does not affect TransNational’s ability to provide any of our merchants with PCI compliance, and we will continue to process with confidence using the GPN network.

“Security of payment data has always been on the forefront of our minds when dealing with merchant processing needs,” said Jae Haas, president of TransNational.  “We take both merchant and cardholder security very seriously.  In fact, we have a whole department in our company dedicated to monitoring transactions and ensuring that none of our accounts are affected by a breach; and if there are instances of fraud, that they are immediately isolated.”

As GPN continues its investigation, the U.S. Secret Service also launched an investigative inquiry.  Currently, it is believed that fewer than 1.5 million credit card numbers have been hacked, but no cardholder names, bank account information, addresses, or social security numbers were stolen.  As a processor with ties to the Global Payment network, TransNational Bankcard assures its clients that this breach has had no effect on TransNational or its merchants.

If your card has been affected by the breach, the card-issuing bank will notify you immediately, and will most likely need to reissue you a new credit card.  Cardholders are not liable for fraudulent charges on credit cards and will not have to pay any additional fees because of this breach.

For more information on GPN’s security breach, go to


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Marketing Manager | TransNational Bankcard

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