TransNational, Discover Partner to Bring You PayPal Payment Solutions

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TransNational, Discover Partner to Bring You PayPal Payment Solutions

ROSEMONT, IL (January 29, 2013) – TransNational (TNBC) has announced today the Discover and PayPal shared vision to drive PayPal’s active consumers to merchants’ physical locations, enabling TNBC merchants to accept the new PayPal payment card starting April 2013.

PayPal is a leader in global ecommerce payments in over 190 markets with more than 50 million U.S. customers.  Discover-accepting merchants with TNBC can swipe PayPal payment cards at existing terminals and process just like a credit transaction, regardless of what the cardholder chooses to use as their back-end PayPal funding source.

PayPal will use Discover’s existing credit card network to enable PayPal users to make payments at physical locations.  No upgrades to existing terminals or software are required.

At this time, PayPal intends to issue cards to U.S. account holders only.  As of April 19, 2013, PayPal transactions will be able to be accepted in-store along with your current Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.  The PayPal card will be un-embossed on the front of the card.  The last four digits of the account number will be printed on the back of the card along with the cardholder’s name.

TNBC, Discover, and Global Payments, a Fortune 1000 company providing electronic transaction processing services, will help provide merchants with the power of PayPal acceptance and help businesses stay at the forefront of today’s competitive multi-channel marketplace.  TNBC clients can now provide customers with access to the next generation of shopping solutions and enhance the customer experience by supporting customer choice and flexibility of payment options.

PayPal gives businesses the opportunity to attract new customers and engage existing customers through the PayPal digital wallet to ultimately increase customer engagement and sales.  TNBC merchants can now cater to the 50 million, and growing, customer base already established by PayPal.


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