TransNational Expands Market Reach with New Michigan Office

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TransNational Expands Market Reach with New Michigan Office

On August 19, TransNational Bankcard (TNBC) will officially expand its market presence in the Midwest by opening its first Michigan-based office in Grand Rapids.  This expansion comes at the heels of a May announcement, in which TNBC publicized the development and opening of a regional sales office in Orlando, FL.

Since 2011, TNBC has showcased promising growth in Tampa and Orlando and plans to replicate the new venture model now in Michigan. “We’re constantly recognizing market gaps in which under serviced communities simply do not have access to competitive merchant service pricing or offerings,” says Perry Tatooles, Director of External Sales and Corporate Training at TNBC.

The Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo area is one of these markets.  “We have dedicated sales personnel already stationed in Michigan, so it was almost intuitive for our company to formalize market presence and establish salient business channels to facilitate continued corporate growth,” states Tatooles.

Only three months after the launch of the Orlando office, TNBC has witnessed impressive regional growth throughout Central and Southern Florida.  “We are incredibly thrilled to see that our hard work and strategic planning of this new venture has paid off,” says President Jae Haas of TransNational.

“Our hope is that as we continue to expand, we can better develop our model to accommodate for subtle, but important, differences market to market,” adds Haas.  “Our ultimate goal is to be able to pass on the best benefits of partnering with TransNational, whether it’s our competitive pricing or innovative solutions, to merchants in under-marketed areas in a sustainable way.”

TNBC will be seeking full-time account executives to help develop and enable growth throughout the new market.  “TransNational offers a fun and unique business environment that supports individual and professional growth,” says Bob Miller, director of corporate recruiting.  “I’m excited to bring that energy into the Michigan area and continue to build a diverse workplace.”

Account executives looking to advance their career in a competitive and challenging environment should contact Miller at (847) 655-1319 or go to for more information.


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