TransNational Not Affected by Heartbleed Security Bug

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TransNational Not Affected by Heartbleed Security Bug

ROSEMONT, IL (15 April 2014) – TransNational Bankcard, the leading payment technology provider in the Chicagoland area, issued a statement today that TransNational is not impacted by the Heartland bug.

“TransNational does not use OpenSSL for certificate management of protected information and is not vulnerable to Heartbleed. We have ensured all partners and platforms are secure,” says President Jae Haas of TransNational.

The Heartbleed bug affects the OpenSSL framework and is a serious vulnerability that enables access to protected information, such as secret keys used to encrypt traffic and identify service providers, usernames and passwords of users, and the content associated with the site.

Internet users could be affected by this bug if they use OpenSSL sites, including social sites, commercial sites, software installation sites, or even government-run sites. On sites where security has already been restored, TransNational recommends regularly resetting all passwords. For more information on the Heartbleed bug, go to or call TransNational’s customer service line at 1-(888)-998-6224.



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