ALERT: MasterCard Convenience Fee Program Change

In Press Releases on March 31, 2015 at 9:42 am

ALERT:  MasterCard Convenience Fee Program Change

MasterCard_Logo.svgMarch 31, 2015

On April 1, 2015, MasterCard will implement a change to the current MasterCard Convenience Fee Program that enables merchants to participate in the program without registering.

In 2007, MasterCard created the Convenience Fee Program for government agencies and educational institutions to help introduce the acceptance of credit cards into those organizations and help alleviate the associated costs.  Convenience fees, not to be confused with surcharges, are fees a merchant may assess on a transaction for the privilege of paying for a product or service using a different payment method or channel.  Merchants are required to clearly communicate this fee to the cardholder prior to the transaction, as well as provide an opportunity to produce another means of payment or cancel the transaction.  The MasterCard Convenience Fee is only applicable to MasterCard cardholders.

Beginning April 1, eligible merchants no longer need to register with MasterCard to participate in the MasterCard Convenience Fee Program.  Please, refer to the list below of eligible card acceptor business codes.  Merchants operating under one of these MCCs may be eligible for the MasterCard Convenience Fee Program.

Eligible MCCs:

  • MCC8211 (Schools, elementary and secondary)
  • MCC8220 (Colleges, universities, professional schools, and junior colleges)
  • MCC8299 (Schools and education services – not elsewhere classified)
  • MCC9211 (Court costs including alimony and child support)
  • MCC9222 (Fines)
  • MCC9223 (Bail and bond payments)
  • MCC9311 (Tax payments)
  • MCC9399 (Government services – not elsewhere classified)
  • MCC9402 (Postal service – government only)

*Education merchants may apply a convenience fee only to tuition and related fees, and school-maintained room-and-board.  Government merchants may apply a convenience fee to any transaction.

To learn how your business can take advantage of this program, contact



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